Konjac Sponge with green tea



Description: Konjac Sponges are made from 100% pure and natural konjac fibre. Ideal for cleansing facial skin and removing make-up. Konjac Sponges are suitable for all skin types, including atopic dermatitis-prone and ultra-sensitive skin.

Green tea has a unique sterilising effect that prevents inflammation from acne and blackheads. Suitable for all skin types. Gently exfoliates, effectively removes dirt and dead skin cells. Deeply cleanses pores, moisturises skin and restores pH balance.

Does not contain parabens, harmful chemical substances, preservatives, bactericides, fungicides.
How to use:Soak the sponge in water for a while ad press it several time to expel the excess water before using. Massage gently in circular motions on the face or body. Rinse the sponge and press it gently with two hands until dry. Store and hang the sponge in a cool and well-ventilated place to air dry properly